May 5 • The Worx

The WORX is an award winning Mid-Atlantic regional band entertaining audiences for over 24 years. The professional musicianship, variety, and versatility will impress the hardest critics and leave you wanting to see more. What makes the WORX is the unique ability to adapt to any engagement with the skills to make your event a sure success. The WORX is totally self-contained with the best in audio and lighting production to handle most any event. The WORX has a deep pride in their reputation and strive to keep it the best. This is why the WORX is one of the most sought after bands in the region.

Jerry Wimmer Lead Vocals, Guitar
Tom Howell Guitars, Mandolin, Harmonica, lead and backup vocals
John Hodges Bass, Lead and backup Vocals
Steve Prusak – Vocals, Keyboards, Lead and backup Vocals, Worx owner and management
Dave Fisher – Drums/Percussion
Head Sound Engineer: Jeff Moore
Sound Engineer: Joey Mayo

For more information:
Facebook: The Worx
YouTube: Video